Experienced Tour

Exmoor Roar

EXPERIENCED: This is tour is for regular mountain bike riders or for those who have completed an Intermediate tour and our guide is happy to take them on this Experienced tour.

We will take you on a  4hr +/- ride into the heart of Exmoor on a search for the Exmoor Ponies, Red Deer and Long Horned Cattle.  You will pick your way through varying surfaces such as grass, moorland, mud, stone, rock gardens, rutts, streams, fords and basically everything Exmoor can chuck at you. On the trail you will encounter front wheel drop-offs, tight turns, tight tracks,  pedal bashing trails, steep descents and climbs, loads of fun stuff!  You will need to make anticipated gear changes and also quick changes to power modes to make headway up steep loose climbs, and have the stamina for long rocky bumpy descents.

We’ll take plenty of breaks for hydration, snacks and resting.
Each participant maybe asked to carry a small share between the group of added safety equipment.
Good quality riding gear is a must as the tour is approximately 4hrs, but we could be out there for longer, so expect the unexpected.

Power will be used the whole ride, but please be advised that this route cannot be completed in the higher power modes and battery management is key to the ride.

How to book?

Call us to check availability on  07900 296 911 or Messenger/Facebook/WhatsApp.

We are here and happy to help you answer any questions you may have, we don’t bite and we will be really happy to take your call.

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You have chosen an Experienced package which are more suited for those who are regular riders and this will be done at a fair to advanced pace. These bookings are normally no more than three hours long and costings are £120.00 will be charged per rider.

The costs are based on how many riders will be joining you, (£0.00) + (£0.00), the total cost will be £0.00.

To reserve this booking, you will need to make a payment of £0.00, this will leave £0.00 to pay before the trail starts.

You (and your riders) will be required to fill out a form which will help eBike Tours evaluate each rider's level before we go out.

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