Common questions from Riders

Q. I’m not that good at riding a bike, and Ive never ridden off road, can I still take part?

No problem.  If you would rather a 1 to 1 rider/guide tour we can arrange that, or we can place you into a group ride with riders of similar ability so you wont feel like the odd one out.  Our guide is trained to make sure every ride is very inclusive, and will be watching out for any indications that you might need a bit of help.  You’ll certainly  never be rushed or pushed outside of your comfort zone.

Riding with us is all about fun and sharing the environment in a new exciting way.


Q. Is there a minimum age to riding an ebike?

Yes, you have to be 14 years old to ride an ebike legally on the road.  Some of our routes use road connections very briefly,  so unfortunately it is a legal requirement. But please get in contact, we might be able to work a route and make something possible subject to height requirements and bike availability.


Q. What happens if I have a puncture?

Our bikes have special inserts in the tyres to protect against punctures and they can also be ridden flat. If there are any problems our guide will deal with them.


Q. Do I have to be fit to ride on a tour?

Nope, you don’t have to be fit, Ebiking is very inclusive and a great leveller of abilities.   You can ride in different power modes, so if you want a work-out you can reduce the power, if you want an easy time we can just increase it.
Our bikes will amaze you just how far you can now ride without the fear of getting out of your depth!

Our guide will be make sure you’re having an amazing time, and we can adapt the ride as we go if you want to make it easier or harder.




Q. How good are the brakes?

All bikes have disc brakes, and they deliver easy, smooth braking.
Our bikes are safety checked before and after each tour, any maintenance required will be carried out before the next ride.


Q. Do your bikes have gears?


The bikes have between 9 and 12 gears dependant on which bike you’ll be riding.

Gears are controlled by two thumb switches under the right hand handle bar grip, so nice and easy.

How to use the gears will be explained by the tour guide in the pre-ride chat.

(don’t worry its quite easy, we won’t set off until you feel confident)


Q. Do I have to wear a helmet?

That a 100% YES.  You  MUST wear a helmet whilst riding, feel free to take it off when we stop for photos and refreshments.

Helmets are supplied by us, but if you wish to use your own please feel free, but please make sure that its undamaged, fits well and its still in its product life span.

(a label or marking can be found within the helmet for its production date)


Q. What should I wear?

Please check the weather forecast for the day and assume you will be out in the open for a few hours. If unsure please get in contact, we don’t bite and really welcome a chat.

Please see  What should I wear? on the home page