Choosing the right Trail


If you haven’t ridden on trails before or you are looking to get back into trail riding, let start with a Beginners tour will most likely suit you, these will last approximately 2hrs and will be riden at a comfortable pace that suits your ability.



Intermediate Tours are suitable for confident bike riders who have limited experienced of trail riding. The terrain will be varied and will include steeper climbs and descents compared to the Beginners Tour. Please remember the Ebike will be doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t need to be a cycle professional, but you’ll feel like one!
Tours will last approximately 2.5hrs, with plenty of stops for refreshments, nibbles and photographs . The ride will be leisurely and inclusive and the pace will be controlled by the tour guide.

old boys having fun


For riders who have good off road riding skills, and are ready for an adventure. Rides are more remote, surfaces will vary with steeper inclines and declines, longer in duration and more physical. This will be fast paced and less likely to enjoy nature.