Experience the ease of riding an ebike.
Ride trails you thought never possible.
Enjoy the scenery without worrying about exhaustion.

Ebike trail tours are guided tours on electric bicycles that take riders on scenic routes and trails through various terrains. These tours are designed for riders of all levels of fitness and experience, and provide a unique way to explore the outdoors while getting some exercise and fresh air. Ebike trail tours typically provide electric bicycles that are equipped with a motor and battery to assist with pedaling, making it easier to ride up hills and cover longer distances. Tour guides are usually experienced cyclists who know the local area well and can provide information about the history, wildlife, and geography of the region.

I’m interested, I need more info on how the Ebike trail tour works?

Ebikes and safety equipment are supplied by Ebike Trail Tours. You must be able to ride a normal bike with gears. We have routes for beginners, intermediate and experience. Our guide will be continually attentive to all riders, making sure everyone is feeling great and having a good time and any special requirements are met. There will be plenty of stops for photos, food and refreshments. No one will be left behind in a group ride and the pace will be controlled and easy going for beginners/intermediate tours.

When you arrive….

Our guide will introduce himself and chat about riding safety. We will then kit you out with a helmet, gloves and eye protection. An Electric Mountain Bike (Emtb) will be our next focus. We will show you how its slightly different from a boring old non powered mountain bike. You will have your first ride on our flat practice field, we will then add in the power modes as you gain experience on the bike ,the assisted power is very natural. Within a minute or two the smile’s will start, as you realise how much fun you’re going to have with us. If you need extra time to build your confidence we will not start the tour until you feel ready. We will listen to any concerns you may have with your riding or the chosen route, and we will make sure we adapt to make you feel assured and safe. The ride will be controlled by the tour guide, making sure it’s always kept at a leisurely pace and no one is left behind.

Gift Tours

Why not book a gift tour? If its a special day we can produce a fun video and take plenty of pictures ( we are not camera pro’s and don’t charge extra for this). We are more than happy to put up balloons, banners, cakes and candles at our HQ, basically anything we can do to make your day even more special.

Who is the tour guide?

Your tour guide is called Steve. He is a British cycling trained and approved Mountain Bike Leader and holds a current Outdoor first aid certificate. He has worked with adults with learning disabilities and children with S.E.N. for many years and is extremely happy for everyone to take part in Ebike trail tours where possible. Steve has cycled all over Europe, including the Alps and Pyrenees, all the way down to the edge of Africa.

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Cycling has changed forever, you can now ride hills and trails you never felt possible!
Ride enjoyable distances on trails without the fear of exhaustion, being left behind or pressured to ride faster than you feel comfortable with.
Ride safe in the knowledge that your guide is a qualified and experienced Mountain Bike leader trained by British Cycling.