Newbie routes

You can stay seated the whole ride, nice, easy, but still an adventure.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Into the woods!

Surfaces you will most likely ride on will be grass, muddy paths, and machined trail.


Not too steep, Not too flat, just right.

A lovely easy ride through nature for those who like to tootle along.


Rides will include moderate decents and inclines, looser surfaces, small stone/rocky paths, tree roots, low branches, small drop offs which you can roll over without the rear wheel leaving the ground.

Beach Blast

Ride to one of Devon’s amazing beaches using a mixture of surfaces. You will experience the wide open space and golden sands with the Atlantic waves either lapping or thundering at the shore line if the surfs up.

Coastal Caper

Ride up onto the cliffs for amazing view’s of the Atlantic. We then follow the coastline from up high., finding views of coves, caves and rocky outcrops. Possible to see some amazing wildlife, but I can’t promise!

Wild Woods

Head down through green fields into the woods. Riding the natural woodland trail which tracks a near winding river. We then breakout of the woodland across open fields, into a village, then back into the woods to find the secret bridge.

Experienced rider

Exmoor Roar

This is a trail for those who ride mountain bikes on a regular basis and are looking for some adventure.

Pick your way through varying surfaces such as grass, moorland, marsh, stone, mud, rocky paths, streams etc. Expect front wheel drop-offs, tight turns, tight tracks, rutted pedal bashing trails, steep inclines and decents. You’ll most likely see the beautiful Exmoor Ponies, Deer and long horned cows.