So what makes Ebikes so much fun?

Is it harder to ride an Ebike?

If you can ride a bike you can ride an Ebike.  An Ebike is incredibly clever and gives you the assistance/power you require as you pedal.

An Ebike makes riding so much easier, you can ride up hills with ease, even incredibly steep ones. Hills no longer become something to dread, instead they become a fun part of the ride.

Muddy and boggy ground becomes actually rideable as our bikes just power through it, leaving you amazed at what you can now achieve on two wheels.


What Ebike will I ride?


We have  Cube Stereo Hybrids, Cube Reactions(alloy hard tail) mountain bikes and Scott. Our ebike fleet cover height ranges of 5ft to 6ft 4″, if you’re outside these ranges please give us a call.

Are these bikes really that good and will they ride up steep hills?

Ive personally ridden one of our Ebikes up to the summit of Mount Snowden.

Steve took into consideration our ability and took us on an awesome route. The bikes were easy to use and the sites and views were simply amazing. He is a great guide and obviously knows his stuff. I will definitely book another tour with Steve in the future. Thanks for an awesome experience.

Mr Allen